The Mossi London Hair Care Set Vitamin Plus

The Mossi London Hair Care Set Vitamin Plus


The Mossi 6 Month Hair Care Set Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo is created with natural extracts and has an extremely cleansing effect on the hair follicles and barbs.

It nourishes the hair from root to tip with natural plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and active cleansing ingredients.

It makes hair more vibrant, shiny and thicker.

It helps prevent hair loss when used regularly.

Mossi Hair Vitamin, with its orodisperse form, allows the product to enter the blood quickly.

Thus, the vitamins and minerals that our hair follicles need are quickly transported to the hair follicle.

The orodispersible tablet form is rapidly absorbed through the oral cavity, larynx and stomach area, thus allowing increased bioavailability.

In addition, it is an important advantage in ensuring patient compliance and effective treatment without the need for water and chewing.

Mossi Repair Serum consists of ozone synthesis with pure olive oil and a combination of different active ingredients.

It has positive effects when applied to problematic skin areas.

It acts as a cell catalyst that rejuvenates tissues by applying it to the face, neck and other parts of the body.

It helps improve wrinkles due to aging or facial movements by increasing blood flow in the application area and activating collagen supernatant. Increases skin elasticity.

It helps the skin look brighter and healthier.

With Mossi Hair Repair Oil a large amount of oxygen is transported to the scalp by the ozonated oil.

Applying ozone oil to areas of reduced hair, thinning hair due to hair loss, accelerates blood circulation in that area, thus stimulating the hair follicle.

Stimulated hair follicles increase and accelerate hair production.

Due to its cell renewal feature, hair production continues from the follicles in this area.

It helps increase and nourish the cells in the hair follicles.

Mossi Hair Set Vitamin + contains:

  • 4 x Mossi Hair Loss Shampoo 3 x Mossi Hair Vitamin (3 x 120 Tablets) 3 x Hair Repair Oil 1 x Repair Serum Fights Hair Loss Problems
  • Natural Protective System
  • Formulated with Only Beneficial Ingredients for Hair and Scalp
  • Revitalizes Hair and Follicles
  • Increases Hair Density
  • Provides Excellent Results After Hair Transplantation
  • Does Not Contain Paraben Does Not Contain Alcohol
  • Does not contain SLS/SLES and DEA
  • Does Not Contain Harsh Chemicals Formulated without harsh chemicals
  • Men Women All Hair Types
Hair Type
All Hair Types
Anti Shedding


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