The Mossi London Clinical Hair & Scalp Set

The Mossi London Clinical Hair & Scalp Set



In this set to be used after hair transplantation;

Soothes the itching and burning sensation on the scalp treated with ozonized oil and serum,

Promotes rapid hair growth by stimulating hair follicles with liposomal serums, triggering new hair formation,

Cleans the scalp without drying it with a shampoo containing gentle cleansing agents,

It supports hair formation from the inside with collagen and vitamin supplements.


Ozonized Hair Oil Complex and Ozonized Serum Complex are suitable for use from the first 1 month after hair transplantation.

Balancing Serum and Liposomol E Serum are suitable for use 10 days after hair transplantation.

Liposomol B serum is suitable for use 2 months after hair transplantation.

Collagen and vitamin supplements are suitable for daily use.


Hair Loss Shampoo / 100 ml x 4, Ozone O3 Hair Repair Oil / 30 ml x 3 Ozone O3 Repairing Serum / 30 ml x 1, Multisupplement Tablet / 60 Tablets x 2, Collagen Shot / 8×40 ml x 1, Collagen Sachet / 8×12 g x 1, Lipo-B Serum / 4×10 ml x 1, Balancing Hair Serum / 30 ml x 1, Lipo-E Serum / 30 ml x 1



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